New Year Goals

The start of a New Year always seems to pack its own bag & bring all its own “stuff” with it… stress, fears, goals, challenges, anxiety, new starts, fresh beginnings, endings…etc… Our day’s can be filled with lists & “to do’s” and calendars jam packed with events and birthdays and parties and bbq’s and before we know it we are in mid February….!

Where has the time gone, what have we done? New fears and goals and challenges & anxieties and stresses overtake the ones we had at the end of Dec/ early Jan… kids start back at school, holidays are over, work is back in full swing, there is traffic and shopping & washing & gym… crap we forgot to go to the gym… and we still need to… do… the… to do list… crap…. stress, anxiety, goals… do we ever give ourselves the time to just pause… to be still… to take a breathe, to just be… well… that’s where we come in… The Meditation Space is a place where we want you to pause… to breathe, to relax… to let go of the shoulda/woulda/coulda and just breathe in the now… positive-quotes-new-year-affirmations-2018-start-the-new-year-with-a-clear-mind

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